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CMO Jon Cartu Says – The Contributions of Biomechanics to Medical Treatment

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CMO Jon Cartu Says – The Contributions of Biomechanics to Medical Treatment

By MedTech Outlook | Thursday, December 24, 2020

Biomechanics is applying the laws of mechanics to the study of structure and function of movement that can be used in clinical care.

FREMONT, CA: For years, it is known that manually lifting patients has put healthcare workers at significant risk of acute injuries. Therefore, the industry has seen a slow transition from lifting practices towards pushing, rolling, and pulling as a gentler way of moving and managing across healthcare sectors. Understanding the concept of body biomechanics is to realize that all the body parts are connected and that a force directed at one part impacts the rest. When the user takes a step, the force’s effect on the heel as it strikes the ground is transmitted up the leg to the knee. If the user’s knee does not cushion and absorb the force, it will be redistributed to the hip. If the hip does not cushion and absorb the energy, it will travel across the pelvis, and so forth.

Biomechanics handles the study of the musculoskeletal system utilizing mechanical and physical measurement means. It is used to investigate the causes of work injuries and when exploring max, reaching distances, and working loads. When assessing whether a patient transfer is guarded to do or biomechanics becomes a vital tool. But knowledge of biomechanical calculations is not an essential part of most healthcare educational programs. Therefore, some people know how significant the lower back strain is, just when bending forwards even a little.

Presently, combining noninvasive measurements of the movement, like the position of segments and the strain on force-measuring instruments, with computer graphics-powered anatomical modeling is a useful method to estimating these loadings. In this method, it is vital to integrate the techniques of motion analysis and medical imaging.

Biomechanics was initially closely associated with the study of sports techniques. However, over the years, biomechanics has taken on a much more diverse field of study. The goals of clinical assessment are to determine the primary problems with the individual’s locomotion capabilities, recommend treatment options, and evaluate treatment outcomes.

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