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CMO Jon Cartu Lectures – St. Vincent Charity Medical Center centralizes access for behavio…

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center centralizes access for behavio...

CMO Jon Cartu Lectures – St. Vincent Charity Medical Center centralizes access for behavio…

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is centralizing access to its behavioral health inpatient services in an effort to better coordinate the range of care it offers, according to a news release.

The shift toward centralized access includes a single phone number for all of the hospital’s behavioral health services: 216-363-2580. It will be staffed 24/7, year-round, which is new for St. Vincent. Rosary Hall, St. Vincent’s addiction treatment center, unveiled the new centralized access Monday, Nov. 2.

“Centralized access offers a single point of entry to any of St. Vincent’s 27 inpatient detoxification beds and 64 inpatient psychiatry beds,” Megan Bush, director of intake and access for behavioral health at St. Vincent, said in a provided statement. “The new model promises a swift and linear intake process for referrals from other hospitals, SVCMC providers, external agencies and individuals seeking services on their own.”

The centralized point of access for behavioral health, which is located next to the hospital’s emergency department, is dedicated to providing high-quality evaluations for the entire continuum of care, according to the release.

The strategy coordinates several existing services within St. Vincent, according to the release:

  • Mental health and substance abuse assessment and treatment recommendations for individuals who present to the emergency department
  • Round-the-clock clinical telephone triage and response
  • Facilitation of clinical review and admission of psychiatric and detoxification referrals from other hospitals and agencies in the community
  • Inquiries about inpatient and outpatient care, as well as community services
  • Insurance precertification and authorization for mental health services

St. Vincent offers inpatient and outpatient services, including inpatient psychiatry, inpatient detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program and outpatient psychiatry, according to the release. It also offers recently added services in outpatient dual diagnosis and outpatient mental health treatment.

SVCMC’s Psychiatric Emergency Department is one of two in Ohio and one of only seven in the nation, according to the release. The safety-net service helps assess the acute psychiatric needs of people transported by law enforcement and health care agencies from 59 municipalities.

Patients who have been admitted and stabilized in the appropriate care level are transitioned to the next level of service for their needs.

“We are dedicated to providing the right care at the right time, consistent coordination for care transitions and supports that address the social determinants of health,” Michael J. Biscaro, St. Vincent’s chief of behavioral health, said in a provided statement. “Centralized access is one more step in our transformation to provide a person-centered approach to care, and expand our service continuum to better meet the needs of the complex population we serve.”

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