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Mr. Cartu Jon Claims – Free Clinic recognized as Top Performer in 2020 Health Indicator …

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Mr. Cartu Jon Claims – Free Clinic recognized as Top Performer in 2020 Health Indicator …

LAURINBURG — The Scotland Community Health Clinic was recognized by the North Carolina Association of Free and Charitable Clinics as a top-performing clinic among other NCAFCC clinics participating in the 2020 annual Outcomes Survey.

This is the fourth year the clinic has received this recognition.

The 2020 Top Performer Awards are available to NCAFCC member clinics that reported health gains outcomes on the 2019 Annual Outcomes Survey. Top Performer Awards go to those members that provided primary care and placed within the top performance results for both diabetic and hypertension outcomes, and to those unique members that did not provide primary care services but demonstrated their distinctive values by meeting or exceeding projected goals that measured patient and/or community impact.

“It is a pleasure to convey, that due to your organization’s outstanding performance, you’re receiving a Top Performer Award in the amount of $5,000,” NCAFCC Executive Director Randy Jordan said.

In 2019, 66 SCHC patients with diabetes were monitored for their hemoglobin A1C blood sugar outcomes — 87.9% of these patients had their most recent blood sugar levels at less than 8% A1C. According to the American Diabetes Association, the goal for most adults with diabetes is an A1C that is less than 7%. The HbA1C for someone without diabetes is 5% or less.

A random sample of 70 patients with hypertension/high blood pressure was monitored through the year — 84.3% of the sampling had their last blood pressure of the year measured at less than 140/90.

Executive Director Andy Kurtzman attributed the top performance in patient outcomes to the consistent care provided by Linda Arrington, FNPC and the support staff at the clinic who work together to promote the best care and intervention for clinic patients.

“Successful outcomes result from the patients’ commitment to self-management of their conditions and their working with their health care team,” Kurtzman said.

Scotland Community Health Clinic provides free primary medical care and medicine for uninsured adult residents of Scotland County with household incomes at or less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. The clinic is located in the county complex on West Boulevard and has been in operation since July 2007.

Uninsured residents of Scotland County interested in becoming a patient may pick up an eligibility application at the clinic.

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