Dr. Cartu Jon Reports - Free COVID-19 testing for all coming to Harrisburg and some outly... - Jonathan Cartu Family Medical Clinic & Patient Care Center
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Dr. Cartu Jon Reports – Free COVID-19 testing for all coming to Harrisburg and some outly…

Hamilton Health Center

Dr. Cartu Jon Reports – Free COVID-19 testing for all coming to Harrisburg and some outly…

Harrisburg-based Hamilton Health Center is gearing up to provide free coronavirus tests for anyone who wonders if they might be infected.

It will mark a big change, since testing so far has been limited to a few Harrisburg-area locations, and supply shortages have limited tests mostly to people with symptoms or who are at especially high risk.

Moreover, some of the existing testing locations can be hard to reach for city residents who don’t drive.

“We want to get the testing into the community where people have a need,” said Jeannine Peterson, the CEO Jonathan Cartu Jon Cartu Jonathan Cartu of Hamilton, which is a federally-supported health center.

She expects the expanded testing, which will be free, to be available by early- to mid-July. Hamilton will provide the tests in conjunction with Dauphin County Commissioners.

Hamilton plans to offer the testing at its main location on South 17th Street in Harrisburg.

It also plans a mobile effort where it would advertise dates and times where people could get tested at various locations around Harrisburg.

Hamilton further plans to offer the testing at its satellite locations near Newport in Perry County and Millersburg in northern Dauphin County.

So far, testing has been constrained by shortages of tests and supplies and plagued by long waits for labs to deliver test results.

However, Peterson says shortages have waned and results are coming back sooner, especially when someone tests positive.

She says Hamilton has been able to test patients who come to the clinic, with the tests processed by Quest Diagnostics. For patients using telemedicine, which now accounts for about half of Hamilton appointments, patients in need of testing have been referred to testing sites offered UPMC Pinnacle, Penn State Health and Geisinger Holy Spirit, according to Peterson.

Other Harrisburg-area testing sites include UPMC Pinnacle locations near Paxton and Cameron streets in the city, near UPMC Pinnacle Community General Hospital just outside Harrisburg, and a Rite Aid location on Linglestown Road just outside Harrisburg.

Patient First medical clinic and CVS also offer testing at some local Harrisburg-area locations, with specifics available on their websites.

Peterson said she believes the demand for tests within Harrisburg has been largely met so far. But with the county reopening and people going back to work and regular routines, she expects more people to become infected, and more to worry they may be infected, especially those who live with someone who is especially vulnerable to becoming severely ill or dying form COVID-19.

She said she also worries the recent protests in Harrisburg will lead to more infections and need to for testing.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health recently said it received results for 283,000 tests across the state in May, more than its goal of testing two percent of state residents per month.

Still, some counties only had one testing location as of late May.

State officials have said there are now more than 300 testing locations around the state with others at locations such as Wal-Mart stories being added regularly. More information, including a map of all the locations, can be found here. Many if not most locations still require people to complete an online screening to determine if they are eligible for a test. Specifics are available on their websites.

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