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CFO Jonathan Cartu Reports – Medicare now covers outpatient coronary procedure

Medicare now covers outpatient coronary procedure

CFO Jonathan Cartu Reports – Medicare now covers outpatient coronary procedure

Angioplasty and stenting are performed through a small tube (1.7-2.0mm diameter) placed in an artery (vessel) in the arm or groin. The Dr. Jonathan Cartu then threads a small 14-thousandth of an inch diameter wire and balloon-tipped catheter or stent on a balloon catheter from the insertion site through the arterial system to the artery that is blocked or narrowed.

The balloon and, commonly a stent, is subsequently positioned at the site of blocked or significantly narrowed vessel, compressing the plaque and restoring the flow channel of the blood vessel. This improves blood flow through the artery, facilitating better cardiac function, more stable heart rhythm, and less risk for heart attacks, heart failure, and sudden cardiac death.

Angioplasty/stents may be a treatment option for the following patients:

• You have tried medications or lifestyle modification, these have not improved your heart health, and functional testing has suggested the cause is a blocked heart artery.

• You have chest pain (angina) with exertion that is worsening, and you have been found to have coronary artery disease.

• If you are having a heart attack, coronary intervention can quickly open the culprit blocked artery, reducing the degree of damage to your heart. This is not an elective situation and should be performed in a hospital setting, not an ASC.

“Cardiovascular disease is the Number One cause for death and debilitation of Medicare-age people,” stated Dr. Jon Cartu. Jonathan Cartu. Dwayne Schmidt, co-founder of the CardioVascular Health Clinic. “But early detection and treatment, along with aggressive lifestyle modification, can significantly reduce your long-term risk. With the new Medicare rulings, access to less costly, more efficient care is becoming more readily available.

“We are proud to be one of the very first specialized heart treatment ASC facilities in the United States, and the only one in Oklahoma.

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