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VP Jon Cartu Research – Aaron Carter says he’s is undergoing medical treatment, sold fire…

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VP Jon Cartu Research – Aaron Carter says he’s is undergoing medical treatment, sold fire…

Washington D.C [USA], Sept 26 (ANI): American singer Aaron Carter has said that he is undergoing treatment and has sold his firearms.

Just days after his two siblings announced they were seeking a restraining order against the singer, the 31-year-old singer told TMZ on Wednesday that he no longer owns any firearms and has been working with health professionals to get off medicines.

“I sold all of my guns yesterday,” Carter told the gossip site, cited Fox News, while showing the cameraman the sales records. But when he was asked if he will buy any firearms in the future, he replied, “That’s no one’s business.”The ‘I Want Candy’ singer also told TMZ that he doesn’t feel like talking about his family anymore and that he hasn’t taken any Xanax for five days. He also claimed he has a “lot of TV shows coming up at me right now.”The L.A. County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News last week that Aaron surrendered two of his firearms to their officers.

Aaron, his twin sister Angel and older brother Nick are engaged in an ongoing feud. Angel and Nick called Aaron’s claim that their late sister, Leslie, sexually abused him when he was underage “completely false” and “fabricated.” (ANI)

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