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Mother accused of subjecting daughter to unnecessary medica…

Mother accused of subjecting daughter to unnecessary medica…

MILWAUKEE, Okla (WFLA/CNN)- An Oklahoma woman appeared in a Milwaukee County courtroom Tuesday, May 28 on child abuse and neglect charges, accused of subjecting her daughter to needless medical treatments for years that only made her daughter iller.

When the girl was admitted to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin earlier this month, court documents say the child was pale and ashen, in severe shock, acute renal failure, and hard organ damage. 

She was also suffering from a blood infection. Conditions, prosecutors say, were ultimately caused by Newman, having the girl go through unnecessary testing or procedures, including placement of a pacemaker, as well as medical and feeding ports. 

A criminal complaint says doctors became concerned shortly after she was admitted, having had previous stays at the hospital, which found no evidence of disease. 

Filings say several doctors dating back years raised concerns about Newman’s alleged behavior, often known as Munchausen by Proxy. 

“And so these alleged criminal acts aren`t intentional, and I think that also speaks to whether she would continue to pose any potential danger to the alleged victim in this case,” said Martin Pruhs, Newman’s defense attorney. 

He is arguing Newman to be released on a signature bond. 

Newman’s bond was set at $50,000 cash.

After the hearing, Newman turned to face the gallery where her husband was sitting, appearing to mouth the words “Help me.”

Newman remains in jail.

The scope of this case larger than Wisconsin, but five other states as well including Newman’s home state of Oklahoma.



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